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  • Reading Informality in Vasai Virar

    By Manish on July 16th 2019

    The visit to Vasai-Virar amplified the stunning contrast between the various parts of the areas that were grouped under the Vasai-Virar municipal corporation. Indeed, the entire area did not give the impression of being part of one contiguous urban settlement, with vast variations between the East and West, divided by the railway line, as well […]

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  • Chembur’s Unfurling Marketplaces

    By Himanshu Burte on July 14th 2019

    Marketplaces unfurl. Unfurling here refers to the literal opening outwards, as well as the figurative achievement and revelation of a fully realized form as space or practice. Each of the two photographs above shows different ‘galli markets’ in Chembur (a large district of many neighbourhoods in the north-eastern part of Mumbai city, situated within the […]

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