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  • ‘Sorting’ in the Repertoire of Plastic Work in Bholakpur

    By Vanshika Singh on January 30th 2020

    Scrap work is the linchpin of livelihoods for many who think Hyderabad is ‘’the sone ki chidiya’’ (The Golden Bird) that will not let anyone sleep on an empty stomach. Many find in Bholakpur, their place in the city, as they segregate, process and recycle plastic waste in the city – the junk for which […]

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  • Of Many Storytellers, ‘Asal log’ and Tenants Waiting to Dispose Bodily Waste

    By Vanshika Singh on January 17th 2020

    As we desire our cities to be clean, they must salvage, sort, sequester and refabricate the unending waste. Bholakpur in Hyderabad, does precisely that. All manner of solid waste – plastic, metal, raw hides and  electronic refuse are processed, recycled and circulated back into the economy by a complex repertoire of techniques and tasks. Furthermore, […]

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  • Understanding the Life of Law in the City

    By Manish on August 23rd 2019

    The law, in presence and absence, pervades all aspects of everyday life. All our actions and interactions, especially in relation to the State, are either in conformity with or in opposition to some legal code or framework. As a “counterpart of the unwritten”, the law gives us a useful way to understand tacitness: as something […]

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