• (De)constructing the ‘Illegal’ City: Official Logics in Vasai Virar

    By Iain Payne on March 12th 2020

    Faced with the profusion of illegal construction in Vasai Virar on the northernmost periphery of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, civil bureaucrats in the Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation (VVCMC) must integrate the official logics of property and law with tacit ‘extra-legal’ knowledge and discretion to construct, and at times deconstruct, the city. These informal logics […]

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  • Lost in Transit

    By Kedar Nagarajan on March 12th 2020

    Plot 138 A & B in Mankhurd is the site for what was meant to be temporary housing for people displaced due to the Mumbai Urban Transport Project II. Originally constructed to house these displaced residents before allotting them permanent tenements, it has turned into a permanent home not just for those displaced by MUTP […]

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  • Yeh Galliyan: Stories of Secret Toilets, Sewer Lines and Hidden Septic Tanks

    By Avinash Kaur Bons on March 12th 2020

     In 1976, 70,000 people from Janta Colony were resettled to Cheeta Camp. It took 43 years for the settlement to procure all the essential services and have a state of permanence in the camp. This Photo Essay details the various difficulties and challenges in creating a sanitation infrastructure in the settlement. 1. Map showing Gallis […]

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  • Slipping Through the Cracks: The Demolition of a Government Homeless Shelter in an Informal Settlement

    By Tacit Urban Research Network on February 26th 2020

    In May 2017, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) demolished a Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) shelter located in an informal settlement in South Delhi’s Amir Khusro Park. DUSIB had built the shelter in response to a 2014 Delhi High Court Order. DDA demolished the same structure in cognizance of a 2015 Delhi High Court […]

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