Platform Strategies for Workforce Management in India: On-demand platforms

About Us

Aditi Surie researches and teaches at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. Surie works to decode the emerging ‘future of work’ for Indian cities shaped by platform technologies. Rooting questions of platform newness and disruption in the realities of Indian cities helps propel more empirically honest ways of projecting futures created by technology. This perspective can overpower any company-led or investor-led idea of the future. This web resource has benefited significantly from the work of Krishna Akhil Kumar Adavi who is a researcher at IIHS. He was a part of the founding team at TapChief, a platform for enterprises to work with solopreneurs and open talent for gigs in content and design.

We hope that this microsite and our dataset will help you look at answering some big, looming questions for economic development, and how labour of the future will be seen. While these intersections can be made for many things, city specific questions can help localize these mega-imaginations. Share our curiosities on the following questions:

  • What are digital platforms?

  • How are interdisciplinary areas of research on cities related to innovative technologies like digital platforms?

  • How do we build out the relationship between wicked issues of urban sustainability and innovative technology like platforms in the Global South?

  • How do patterns of regional economic development impact digital platforms?

  • Do innovative technologies have a role to play in newly developing fields of knowledge like urban sciences?


If you want to speak to us, get in in touch on Twitter: @sosurie, @paranoidhydroid

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Share your thoughts on platform strategies!


How can this resource be used?

For Journalists

Use this microsite to think deeper about the industry you report on, the city you see changing in front of you because of technology.

For Researchers

Engage in our research questions, our detailed list of platforms, and contribute towards a fuller portfolio around cities and the impact of digital platforms.

For Students

Use this microsite to base your observations about your physical and digital surroundings, as a way to understand that not all platforms are built the same. Let us inspire new research and questions in your mind!

We encourage you to use our questions, build on them and add to them by engaging with them! We have made a conscious effort to make this data set available to inspire new research or questions. Cite it! This is part of the doctoral work of Aditi Surie, we ask that you cite it when you use it!

Suggested reference for this microsite is:

Surie, Aditi (2020). “Platform Strategies for Workforce Management in India: On-demand platforms”. Tacit Urban Research Network.