Platform Strategies for Workforce Management in India: On-demand platforms


Digital platforms, that offer services within a loosely defined industry category known as hyperlocal or on-demand platforms, impact the city economies they ply in and are impacted by them. They change labour conditions, alter price points for services and introduce new kinds of demand and consumption.This microsite offers insights, data, and perspectives on select on-demand digital platforms in India - their business practices, risks and impacts. Think delivery, logistics and household services.

What do platform operators do to create working conditions for delivery people for example when all work is conducted via a smartphone app? This is the basis of data collected and presented here.

You will find these around the issue of digital platform services in Indian cities:

-          Understand the strategies used by a variety of on-demand digital platforms in Indian cities

-          Comprehend the diversity of digital platforms and their strategies at play

-          Discover existing research and resources within the digital platform space

-          Use our data and insights to take this research forward

This microsite is part of the Emerging Nature of Work on On-demand Digital Platforms in Cities of the Global South project housed under the TURN Network. It aims to develop a uniquely Southern interpretation of work, labour and employment created by digital platforms in cities of the Global South.

This research is anchored at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements by Aditi Surie.