Founded in 2015 by Amit Singh and Deepanshu Malviya

Stress-free Commute to Work

Source: Shuttl Homepage (Accessed 6th September 2020)

Areas of Operation – 6 cities in India

Source: Shuttl Google Playstore Description (Accessed 6th September 2020)

Onboarding – DocumentationCommercial Vehicle Driving License, Aadhaar and copy of Police Verification Certificate.

Contract Types: Part Time

Parties in Work Relationship: Platform - Vendor - Service Provider

Onboarding (Training): App Training, Soft Skill Training, Domain Skill Training

Task Assignment: Algorithm

Rejection of Task: Drivers can reject but penalties are levied on the vendor for the breach in the service level agreement.

Payout Structure: Flexible - vendor dependent

Bonus/Incentive Structure: Individual drivers have incentives based on how "good' their task performance is. "Good" is defined on the service-level agreement on the metrics to be met.

Social Security/Benefits: November 2019 - Shuttl had tied-up with a third-party insurance provider. Vendors could opt-in if they wanted and avail medical insurance packages for their drivers.