Founded in 2015 by Aravind Sanka, Pavan Guntupalli and Rishikesh SR

Rethinking the people transportation of India

Source: Rapido Careers (Accessed 6th September 2020)

Areas of Operation – 100 + cities in India

Source: Rapido Homepage (Accessed 6th September 2020)

Onboarding – DocumentationRegistration Certificate (RC), Driving License (DL), Aadhaar and PAN.


Contract Types: Part Time

Parties in Work Relationship: Platform - Service Provider

Onboarding (Training): App Training, Soft Skill Training

Task Assignment: Algorithm

Rejection of Task: Daily limit on the rejection (changes across cities). Exceeding it consistently results in account suspension. Cancellation attracts a penalty.

Payout Structure: Flexible - service provider dependent

Bonus/Incentive Structure: Linked to a combination: customer rating, login hours (emphasis on peak hours logged in) and longevity of the Rapido Captain's service on the platform.

Social Security/Benefits: On-job accident insurance. Discounted bike servicing and maintenance through partnerships.