Envisioning a Network

We are a group of economists, geographers, urban planners, architects, sociologists and ethnographers building on the on the synergies of long term engagements among the four institutions of CPR, HUL, IIHS and TISS respectively.

TURN hosts monthly network-level workshops, organized to provide researchers a platform to not only converse about outcomes of research but also identify synergies in their processes, methods and theoretical frameworks.

Latest Outputs

  • On Design-led Practice: A Conversation with Jhono Bennet

    By Alba Soares on June 28th 2020

    Jhono Bennett was part of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture at the University of Johannesburg’s ground breaking Graduate School of Architecture. He is the co-founder and co-director of 1to1 – Agency of Engagement, a non-profit that provides a design-based collaboration between grassroots organisations, professionals, academia, and government. He took part in the CPR-CSH […]

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  • (De)constructing the ‘Illegal’ City: Official Logics in Vasai Virar

    By Iain Payne on March 12th 2020

    Faced with the profusion of illegal construction in Vasai Virar on the northernmost periphery of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, civil bureaucrats in the Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation (VVCMC) must integrate the official logics of property and law with tacit ‘extra-legal’ knowledge and discretion to construct, and at times deconstruct, the city. These informal logics […]

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In an effort to engage with this question, TURN intends to build a network to:

Synergize the capacities of four partnering research institutions, each of which is located in a different metropolis, and has experience in working at multiple sub-national scales.

Facilitate deep immersions in Indian cities to amplify the findings of ongoing research initiatives, challenge our conceptual approaches and generate new knowledge.

Address the issue of informality qua tacit, place-based knowledge in urban areas – focusing on making it visible and engaging with its intersection with policy.

Bring a strong interdisciplinarity to bear on research, from the disciplines of economics, geography, social work and urban planning.

TURN consists of four Indian institutions